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Kyan Palmer is a Persian-American pop/R&B vocalist, songwriter, and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Combining infectious left-of-center pop melodies with rich, introspective lyricism, Palmer's fresh take on pop is clever yet catchy. His vast vocal range is instantly hypnotizing, making both his records and live shows a captivating experience.

Palmer released his debut EP in Fall 2018 and is currently in the midst of releasing a collaborative project with his writing partner nicopop. He plans to put out another full-length EP in Fall/Winter 2019.

Outside of his own projects, Palmer has recently attended writing camps for Bhad Bhabie, Little Mix and PRETTYMUCH, and has been co-writing with Timeflies, MOONZz, Kira Kosarin, Aiden Alexander, Sam Fischer, and Emily Zeck, just to name a few.

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